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71. Career Path VS Value

“Kebayang gak sih, kita dipanggil dari latar belakang yang berbeda-beda, disemai di rumah yang sama (dalam kasus ini: ITB), trus abis ini mencar ke tempat yang berbeda-beda.”

Hampir setahun setelah diwisuda di Sabuga, gue udah bisa melihat jalan yang gue dan temen gue ambil beda-beda. Beberapa diantaranya:

  • Archie yang ambil S2 instrumentasi di Belanda
  • Twin yang milih ambil sekolah bisnis dan mulai bisnis padahal bisa aja langsung ke Freeport & jadi OKB
  • Avi yang lebih suka kerja di LSM, dan September rencananya bakal ke Papua buat proyekan
  • Santi yang melepas MT Nestle dan jadi PNS kementerian ESDM bareng Monica
  • Bas yang 5 tahun kedepan bakal ngebut sampai dapet PhD di Jepang
  • Iqbal yang gak melirik perusahaan besar dan mau ngebangun bisnis sama bokapnya
  • Arini yang kerjanya aja udah capek, sekarang nambah S2 Komunikasi di UI

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An Interesting Session of Virtual Voyage

No joke, this is eye-opening (at least for me).

“What’s the use of Instagram if each time you log on to it you feel miserable?”

The Cruising Battleship

+ Hey Saf, I’ve got nothing to do and I’m bored to death. Shite. For ocean’s sake, what should I do?
– Um, try to be active on social media, maybe?
+ Social media? Seriously?! (laughing cynically)

But I tried it anyway.

It was fun at the beginning, but somehow later on I sense that my mood was declining each time I embark on this ‘virtual voyage’. Despite this, I continued to surf the free water of social media anyway, until on one breezy evening I stumbled upon an interesting thing at The Guardian website and I began to notice the slight similarity of the problems discussed there with my own declining mood issue, especially on the Envy and Pride departments.

Like I have asserted on the opening line, my virtual voyage on the social media began several months ago. No, no, not that I haven’t used social media before…

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70. PHOTOLOG: Minggu Terakhir di Mondelēz

KAMIS, 31 JULI 2014

Surat dari Vicky ini bener-bener reminder yang efektif kalau waktu gue tinggal seminggu lagi

“Kindly open on your last day”. Hari itu Vicky ngasih surat yang menjadi reminder efektif kalau hari terakhir gue tinggal seminggu lagi

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69. Let The Sunshine In

My mommy told me something a little girl should know

It’s all about the devil and I’ve learned to hate him so

She says he causes trouble when you let him in the room

He will never ever leave you if your heart is filled with gloom

When you are unhappy, the devil wears a grin

But oh, he starts a-running when the light comes pouring in

I know he’ll be unhappy ’cause I’ll never wear a frown

Maybe if we keep on smiling, he’ll get tired of hangin’ around

If I forget to say my prayers, the devil jumps with glee

But he feels so awful when he sees me on my knees

So if you’re full of trouble and you never seem to win

Just open up your heart and let the sun shine in!

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