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A Sailor Knows Good Music Can Calm Storms

This blog post from a good friend of mine will always be one of my favorite 🙂

Cause I found the same situation back then when I was so overwhelmed with burden,

I asked The Divine One, “Why, God, WHY?” with my tears everywhere on the pillow haha.

And the Gentle Voice replied, “Remember you’ve asked for a great story? I give you one.

The Cruising Battleship


“What is it, sailor?”

“Why does the ship jerk violently like this? I can’t sleep, Captain!”

“Why, there’s a heavy storm outside.”

“A storm? Oh great. Why on Earth do we have to enter stormy waters? Why did YOU turn the ship to stormy waters?”

But the good old Captain just smiled. He paused for a moment and then laughed cheerfully, saying, “It was your request, son, remember? You’ve always wanted a thrilling voyage.”

Dear courteous reader, while I was working in the storehouse earlier this morning I found an old piece of music which I instantly liked very much. I grabbed my guitar and sang along to the tune. For your convenience―no, it’s for your inconvenience haha―I have recorded a video. Pardon the quality, we don’t have fancy cameras out here. No copyrights infringement intended, I just wanted to know how to upload a video to YouTube.

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“When you had a chance to be pessimistic,
You didn’t try to be optimistic.
You just relax and listen to the KING.
And then, you make up your thinking.”


life gave me lemonade and I can't imagine why

In the midst of everything,
I wonder what you’re thinking.
How wonderful and gorgeous you are,
oh, Daughter of the KING.

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The Butterfly Effect – or, How We Learn to Love the Ship More Than Its Good Old Captain

“Sudahkah engkau melihat kepadaku apa yang dilakukan perempuan murtad itu, bagaimana dia naik ke atas setiap bukit yang menjulang, dan pergi ke bawah setiap pohon yang rimbun untuk bersundal di sana? PikirKu sesudah melakukan semuanya ini, ia AKAN KEMBALI padaKu, tetapi ia tidak kembali…

Pesundal, pezinah, atheis, pemuja diri sendiri, perampok, semua..

Semua ditungguNya kembali.

The Cruising Battleship

I once dreamed of a garden with a gigantic Tree inside.
A caterpillar was wiggling on a particular leaf of that Tree.
Suddenly the Tree shook violently and the caterpillar fell down.
The caterpillar looked around and found that its eyes had been severely injured.

“Hey, Tree! What’s wrong with you?”
The Tree was silent.
The caterpillar became as angry as it can ever be and it screamed and it shouted and it cursed, in hope of getting the Tree to open its mouth.
But the Tree remained silent.

Days gone by and its eyes still had not been healed.
It wiggled and wiggled but it could not find fresh leaves here.
Decayed leaves on the ground became its food.
In fact, the caterpillar became used to it so much that whenever he found newly-fallen leaf he didn’t like the taste.

Then the caterpillar became content with his condition.

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84. Kebodohan Gerogoti Generasiku

Pernah gak geleng-geleng kepala setelah baca headline berita dan teriak sedih dalam hati “why so silly”?

Gimana enggak kalo berita yang muncul jaman sekarang adalah berita-berita seperti ini…



Is this for real?

Is this for real?

Out. of. words.

Out. of. words.

Disaat yang bersamaan merasa sedih “oh gosh..”, tapi juga kesel sendiri karna “y so stupid, things like this didn’t need to happen”.

Then I found the answer…

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83. In Their Own Way

My closest girls. In their own way.

risa avi raisa


An Interesting Session of Virtual Voyage

No joke, this is eye-opening (at least for me).

“What’s the use of Instagram if each time you log on to it you feel miserable?”

The Cruising Battleship

+ Hey Saf, I’ve got nothing to do and I’m bored to death. Shite. For ocean’s sake, what should I do?
– Um, try to be active on social media, maybe?
+ Social media? Seriously?! (laughing cynically)

But I tried it anyway.

It was fun at the beginning, but somehow later on I sense that my mood was declining each time I embark on this ‘virtual voyage’. Despite this, I continued to surf the free water of social media anyway, until on one breezy evening I stumbled upon an interesting thing at The Guardian website and I began to notice the slight similarity of the problems discussed there with my own declining mood issue, especially on the Envy and Pride departments.

Like I have asserted on the opening line, my virtual voyage on the social media began several months ago. No, no, not that I haven’t used social media before…

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69. Let The Sunshine In

My mommy told me something a little girl should know

It’s all about the devil and I’ve learned to hate him so

She says he causes trouble when you let him in the room

He will never ever leave you if your heart is filled with gloom

When you are unhappy, the devil wears a grin

But oh, he starts a-running when the light comes pouring in

I know he’ll be unhappy ’cause I’ll never wear a frown

Maybe if we keep on smiling, he’ll get tired of hangin’ around

If I forget to say my prayers, the devil jumps with glee

But he feels so awful when he sees me on my knees

So if you’re full of trouble and you never seem to win

Just open up your heart and let the sun shine in!

48. Huft

pak Novay feedback

46. Hal yang Bisa Lo Lakukan Ketika Malas Berbuat Apa-Apa

Sebaiknya lo gak baca ini, seriously ini tulisan dudut.

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43. Our Generation


Our generation will be known for nothing.

Never will anybody say,

We were the peak of mankind.

That is wrong, the truth is

Our generation was a failure.

Thinking that

We actually succeeded

Is a waste. And we know

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